Amanda McCrossin

Amanda McCrossin is a sommelier & YouTube vlogger in Napa Valley, CA 

Having previously worked as a sommelier in New York City, Amanda moved to the west coast in July 2015 where she joined the wine team at PRESS restaurant in St. Helena.  Known as the "sommvivant" to her instagram followers and YouTube subscribers for being a "Sommelier" with a "Bon Vivant" lifestyle, Amanda documents her life as a somm in the Napa Valley on a daily basis.  By showcasing events like excursions around northern California in her splashy red Mini Cooper convertible, tastings at Napa Valley wineries, rare bottles of vintage Napa Cab at PRESS and daily adventures around the Valley, Amanda has become "an advocate for indulgence and the wine lifestyle."


Level 2 Certified Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers
American Sommelier Association


SOMMVIVANT [sAHm - vee - vahnt] is a collection and expression of life's artistic, epicurean, and travel pleasures with an oenological focus.
(Or, to put it more simply, a wine-obsessed person who loves to eat, drink, dance, play and travel.) 


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